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     caselio_book  Texdecor was created in 1974 in Willems, a town in the Nord region of France. The company`s first line of business was the manufature and commercialisation of specialist and decorative wallcoverings. Our "mur de silence" collection is both decorative and acoustic and is a good example of the innovative nature of the company and our products. Today the company has a wide range of top-of-the-range products for walls and windwos for homes and building renovations. The Texdecor group is made un of 5 brands: Texdecor: Acoustical and decorative wallcoverings; Casadeco: Co-ordinated wallpapers and furnishing fabrics; Casamance: Fine fabrics and wallpapers; Caselio: Mid-range wallpapers and accessories; Camengo: Quality furnishing fabrics and wallpapers; Texecor continues to develop its products base in order to always be able to supply high-quality, exciting and innovative products. CASELIO is a brand of the Texdecor company: An international publishing and luxury decorative products 1 distributor, founded in 1974 in the north of France.2004 was an important year for Texdecor : In that year all the employees celebrated the company’s 30th birthday and witnessed the birth of a new brand: CASELIO. In a few years CASELIO has become a recognised brand, specialising in wallpaper, accessories and coordinated decor products (fabrics, netting, decorative stickers, coated fabrics, murals, and more). The name CASELIO comes from: Casa=Home and Helio=Sun … a brand which aims to bring sunshine into your home ! A long process … !
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